Texas Lawmakers Defy Governor Perry’s Veto of Internet Sales Tax

Texas lawmakers are including an Internet sales tax provision in SB1, a revenue generating bill; defying Governor Rick Perry’s veto on the Internet sales tax bill last month. Governor Perry has stated that he strongly disagrees with the provision and wants it removed.

“I urge lawmakers to remove the Internet sales tax language from SB1. I believe this provision risks significant unintended consequences, including a loss of Texas job opportunities and weakening of our state’s competitive advantage. I will not put Texas job creation efforts in jeopardy, particularly as we continue to feel the effects of a challenging national economy. In the debate between jobs and taxes, I side with jobs.”

– Governor Rick Perry

The Wall Street Journal reported today that 37% of all new American job creation since the ‘recovery’ began has occurred in Texas. Experts say a larger factor that Texas has missed the recession has been because they have rejected the economic model that Washington continues to push. Increasing taxes and creating more regulation on the private sector will only restrain this astonishing growth. Internet companies have said if the new provisions are instated they will seek other states to move their facilities, leaving thousands of Texan’s unemployed. Texas needs to keep its current plan of low taxes and less government to continue its economic success.