Thank You Governor Kasich!

Governor John Kasich recently balanced Ohio’s budget and passed Senate Bill 5, restricting public sector unions’ much-abused monopoly bargaining power. For his efforts, FreedomWorks gave Gov. Kasich our “Legislative Entrepreneur Award” for supporting economic liberty.

Now President Obama has struck back, criticizing Gov. Kasich and Senate Bill 5. Watch the video below to see Gov. Kasich defend the taxpayers:

Please call (614) 466-3555 and tell Gov. Kasich that as a FreedomWorks member, you thank him for standing up for the taxpayers of Ohio!

Below are a few additional comments you might want to make when you call Gov. Kasich:

As a FreedomWorks member I want to thank you for standing up for taxpayers in Ohio. We’re inspired by your courageous leadership on Senate Bill 5 and your hardwork to balance the budget. We hope you inspire other Governors across the country to rein in government spending.

I was moved by your remarks in a recent YouTube video where you told President Obama to start doing his job to balance the federal budget before he starts criticizing what Ohio is doing.

I agree. Thanks again for being a great leader.

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