The Freedom Movement: A Historic 2009 Gives Way to a Busy 2010

The following email was sent by FreedomWorks President Matt Kibbe to FreedomWorks members yesterday:

I hope you and your family are celebrating a safe and happy holiday season. While the fight for freedom never rests, all of us at FreedomWorks would like to take a moment to thank you for all of your hard work throughout 2009 and remind you of just some of what we accomplished together.

The beginning of this year certainly seemed grim with newly-elected President Obama and a staunchly liberal Congress readying an aggressive agenda to expand government’s reach and take away more of our fundamental freedoms. The Left seemed ready to ram through government-run health care, a cap and trade system that would slap Americans with a new energy tax, and card check legislation that would strengthen the Unions and break the backs of small business owners.

But we fought back hard, and though the battle over health care continues to rage, the fact remains that Obama, Pelosi, and Reid can’t check-off a single item from this socialist wish-list in 2009.

Beginning with your support of and participation in the “Tea Parties” that started popping up all over the country in early spring, you helped to lead a reawakening of conservative, limited government grassroots power that has been dormant for some time now. More than a million grassroots activists just like you helped to make over a thousand April 15th Tax Day Tea Parties a success. This unprecedented grassroots energy culminated in the historic 9-12 Taxpayer March on Washington when between 800,000 and 1 million freedom-loving activists descend on the nation’s capitol to combat the Left’s assault on liberty.

The overwhelming show of grassroots force stemmed the tide and turned back the big government machine, preventing them from winning their most sought-after prizes.

These accomplishments deserve our reflection, and praise for people, like you, that were such an important part of it. Yet at the same time, we must keep up the fight. And in that vein, FreedomWorks is preparing now for a very busy 2010.

Specifically, we have identified three key priorities. I am asking for your help and support to ensure their success.

1. The Fight against Government-Run Health Care isn’t Over. Yes, the Left has moved their planned takeover of our country’s health care system forward, but their coalition is extremely fragile and we have multiple opportunities to derail the legislation as the two chambers try to settle major differences between their bills.

2. April 15th – Tax Day 2010. In the same spirit as the historic 9-12 Taxpayer March on Washington, FreedomWorks is helping to organize another mass-demonstration in Washington, D.C. American taxpayers have had enough of out-of-control spending and continued attempts by the Left to erode the fundamental freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution. Last time we took our message to the front lawn of the Capitol, this time we will take it directly to Barrack Obama’s front door! (details soon to follow).

3. FreedomWorks PAC. 2010 presents us with a unique opportunity to change the political battlefield and tip the balance of power towards champions of our limited government agenda. FreedomWorks PAC will be ramping up this election season to elect new champions of freedom and to defeat the entrenched political class that currently owns and controls our government.

We expect many other battles to emerge throughout 2010 and FreedomWorks will remain vigilant and nimble to pivot as necessary. However, I believe that if we focus on these three priorities in the coming year we can effectively turn the tables on the Left and take America back. I am asking today for your support to make these priorities a reality in 2010.

A contribution of $25, $100, or more will give us the resources we need to make each of these critical campaigns a success and help us to build on the historic success of 2009.

FreedomWorks will continue to keep you posted with issue developments and opportunities to get involved throughout 2010. With your help, I think 2010 could actually be a bigger year for the conservative, limited government movement. I hope I can count on you.

Matt Kibbe
President and CEO, FreedomWorks

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