This is Kyoto-Compliance?

Naples, one of the largest cities in Italy, is burning its trash in the streets and discarding it in illegal dumps. The New York Times reports:

“For a dozen years, Naples and surrounding towns like this one have periodically choked on their refuse, but the last two weeks have flared into a real crisis, as much political as sanitary: trash began piling high in the streets as places to dump it officially filled up. Then, on Saturday, the last legal dump closed.

As the piles rose and the stench spread, 100 or more refuse fires burned some nights — one of many trash-related protests that included, inevitably, mothers clutching rosaries on railroad tracks.”

This is the same Italy whose politicians repeatedly scold the U.S. for "undermining" Kyoto. Last I checked, no major American city was burying itself under a sea of burning rubbish.