Transparency and Diligence: What the Grassroots Must Do Regarding RNC Rule 12

The past 48 hours has been a whirlwind of activity for grassroots activist across the nation, especially here in Tampa Bay. Activist have diligently pushed for state delegations to oppose proposed changes to RNC rules

Last night there was great optimism after the RNC agreed to compromise on the rule changes in an effort to avoid a floor fight. Unfortunately as a result of that compromise, RNC proposed rule 12, which would allow the RNC to rewrite the rules post convention, free of delegate and grassroots influence, will likely stand. 

This new rule could be a huge blow to the grassroots community, the RNC rules committee sets the parameters for how we as a party operate, how we establish the platform and how we choose candidates. Allowing the RNC to change the rules without our influence is a contingency plan for the RNC to keep the power to choose the direction of the GOP out of the hands of patriots like you and me. 

At this point it may be too late to mount and legitimate opposition, we did everything we could, however there was just simply not enough time to gain real traction. What we must do from this point forward is make as much noise as possible, to tell the RNC that we are that we are armed with proverbial microscopes and spotlights, and should they try to change the rules when we’re not paying attention, we are going to be all over them.

The reality is we must pay as much attention to the RNC as we do the DNC, our movement is threatened from both. We have made, and will continue to make a huge impact on the direction of the GOP. The RNC is terrified of our influence, they are worried that we are constantly lurking to hold them accountable to the will of the people, if they weren’t they would not be fighting so hard for rule 12.

As of 3:00pm EST today, according to journalist TP Carney, there appears to be an effort to gather signatures to push for a floor on the minority report. We’ll keep working this story as breaking news happens.