Union Document: ObamaCare Makes Inequality Worse

A union, which hails itself as having a "diverse membership," slammed the President’s health care reform measures in a newly released research document stating that ObamaCare will hasten the divide between the wealthy and the middle class. The document is titled, The Irony of ObamaCare: Making Inequality Worse.

Unite Here offers a harsh critique of the ACA, stating that unintended consequences of the plan "will hit the average, hard-working American where it hurts: in the wallet." As Democrats prepare to hitch their donkey to a platform of income equality, the signature health care plan associated directly with their party is being cited as a major source of woe for the lower and middle classes.

Via Ralston Reports:

It (the report) is devastating to the Democrats. To wit:

Ironically, the Administration’s own signature healthcare victory poses one of the most immediate challenges to redressing inequality. Yes, the Affordable Care Act will help many more Americans gain some health insurance coverage, a significant step forward for equality. At the same time, without smart fixes, the ACA threatens the middle class with higher premiums, loss of hours, and a shift to part-time work and less comprehensive coverage.

The paper argues that the Affordable Care Act will transfer a billion dollars in wealth to insurance companies, create an unlevel playing field in the market, force employers to cut back hours and result in pay decreases.

And while Democrats desperately try to spin facts on job loss and reduced hours as a new-found "freedom," Tuesday’s Republican victory in the Florida special election shows the widening chasm between Democrat talking points and reality.

Democrat Alex Sink, who lost to Republican David Jolly in the Florida special election, sought to discuss the problems of income inequality while simultaneously supporting ObamaCare. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) hoped the election would show support for the President’s legislation. But quite the opposite happened.

Instead, the Unite Here report demonstrates a tangible link between ObamaCare and income inequality.

Using a graph captioned, Does Washington Understand Inequality?, Unite Here demonstrates that it isn’t the top wealth-earners in our country that will be funding health care for the poor, it is the lowest portion of the middle class who will be most adversely effected.

Income Inequality Chart

The summary reads: "Only in Washington could asking the bottom of the middle class to finance health care for the poorest families be seen as reducing inequality."

Another damning portion of the report shows a side-by-side comparison of facts on the ground involving Obamacare, and the lies being peddled by the administration to cover up those facts.

ObamaCare Lies

It doesn’t stop at simple analysis and research, actual union members that have been negatively impacted by the President’s plan are highlighted throughout. Or as Harry Reid would call them – liars.

In a cover letter to colleagues in the labor industry, Unite Here President Donald Taylor explains that ObamaCare "will inevitably lead to the destruction of the health care plans we were promised we could keep," and in turn lead to even greater income inequality for those the law should be helping.

Taylor adds that his a vast majority of his union membership will be the victims of a "significant pay cut."

Unite Here was the first national labor union to endorse Obama for President back in 2008, in part because they "support the addition of healthcare to millions of Americans."

There is little doubt that Democrats running for office in 2014 will continue to divide the country with claims that their party is the one who cares about the poor and the middle class. But the one albatross of truth around their neck will continue to be the President and his unaffordable health care law.

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