Downtown Daddy & the Ministry of Truth

Join the girls as they discuss Orwell’s life, work, and Downtown Daddy. Who is Downtown Daddy, you ask? Tune in to find out!

As far as 20th century literature goes, there’s no writer more prescient and in touch with the impulses and desires that drive human action (for better and for worse) than George Orwell. Once a “moth-eaten, “morose” young student with a bone to pick regarding the circumstances of his upbringing, Orwell went on to shake his hangups and soon enough developed into one of the finest, most influential writers of his age. His clear, matter of fact prose has allowed his work to endure and come to life in our modern day—when, alarmingly, both his warning to be skeptical of revolutionaries, as expressed in Animal Farm, and his concern that language would be co-opted for nefarious purposes by a “Democratic” ruling class, as detailed in 1984, seem to have become more relevant than ever.