“Girls Gotta Read” Ep. 11: Boy Meets Silver Screen

In a time of war, can you ever really be neutral? Especially when that war is literally happening in your own backyard? Shenandoah, starring beloved American patriot Jimmy Stewart in his grizzled prime, is a film from the mid-1960s that explores this theme and challenges the popular wartime idea that sacrifice for a greater cause is always an inherent good.

In this episode, the girls are joined by their colleague Matt for the first ever GGR movie review. Tune in to hear what they had to say!

Shenandoah Fast Facts:

  • Shenendoah, directed by Andrew V. McLaglen, was released in 1965. It was inspired by Westerns
  • It is set during the Civil War but not considered to be a war film.
  • It takes place in 1864 Virginia and follows the story of patriarch Charlie Anderson and his seven children as they try to navigate farm life with war happening in their backyard.
  • Anderson doesn’t own slaves and is vehemently opposed to the war effort. When his youngest son is captured by the Union Army, however, he is forced to act. He packs up his family to travel North and rescue his son.
  • The anti-war themes of this movie particularly resonated with audience members at a time when the U.S. was entering into the Vietnam War.

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