Girls Gotta Read: Ep. 12: Rebellion & Spilled Wine

If ever there was a man perfectly blessed with the power of persuasion, Frédéric Bastiat would be a top contender. Though his life’s works focused on the economic problems facing his homeland in the first half of the nineteenth century, his legacy and unshakable belief in the protection of life, liberty, and property is felt today in countries far beyond France’s borders. As an American, one need only take one look at the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution to see Bastiat’s fingerprints all over it.

How did an orphan (move over, Alexander Hamilton!) go on to become one of France’s finest and most influential champions of liberty? And what does wine have to do with it? The girls discuss Bastiat’s life and what his powerful economic writings meant for France and the constant cycle of revolution and counterrevolution that dominated the country beginning with the French Revolution. We hope you enjoy this episode!

Girls Gotta Read is a Liberty focused book club for people from all walks of life! Tune in each Monday for a new podcast episode and comment below.

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