Wednesday Floor Update

FreedomWorks popped in to hear the speeches that are still going on over on the House floor today, the dogged determination to see this issue through is amazing.  Here’s what we heard:

Rep. Michael Ferguson (NJ): urged Americans to call the switchboard, (202) 224-3121. to speak to their Congressperson and demand a vote.  He said that people should "raise their voice and act, regardless of opinion."

Rep. John Shimkus (IL): was running the show today, introducing speakers, welcoming visitors to the floor.  He spoke repeatedly about today’s theme: American energy means American jobs, saying "No to new energy is no to new production" noting all the jobs at every point in energy production.  Shimkus also read a letter from an Illinois Democrat judge who wrote in a letter to Speaker Pelosi that her refusal to allow a vote on drilling and relieving prices at the pump was "a despicable act" and that she hopes when Pelosi flies over the heartland she takes "time to reflect on all the citizens below who need real leadership in the house…this won’t make you the first woman president."

Rep. Trent Franks (AZ): started by saying what a sacrifice it was for him to be there today – his wife just gave birth to twins only last week. However, he feels they make it all the more imperative he come to the floor and fight for their future.  It is easy to forget why you came to Congress in the first place, but it is to protect lives and the constitutional rights of those to come.  Franks went on to talk about the two major implications of high gas prices: first economical and second security.   Importing so much of our energy means a huge transfer of wealth from our nation to others that aren’t good allies.    Government needs to unleash people to do "all of the above" (drilling in OCS and ANWR, LNG, wind, solar, etc) instead of deliberately tying hands.  Government shouldn’t be "choosing winners and losers, but letting the market and American enterprise" solve the problem.  Already, Franks noted, Americans are doing a great job at conservation and efficiency.  While we burn 20% of the world’s oil and gas, we produce 1/3 of the goods because we have mastered efficiency and production and this will solve the energy problem, not government.

Rep. Geoff Davis (KY): said that we have so many resources of our own, at our very feet that we should be able to use responsibly.  We need to  pass legislation that lets us tap known resources like in the OCS and ANWR, followed by extracting fuel from oil shale, tar sands, and coal to liquids while technology continues to improve for alternative, non-fossil fuels.

Rep. Tom Davis (VA): started off by saying Congress was supposed to pass 11 appropriations bills this year to fund government, but so far only 1 has been brought to the floor because Speaker Pelosi is avoiding any amendments that could force a vote on drilling in the OCS.  And that although the Speaker had started to weaken on her stance as of late, it would probably be loaded down with pork barrel spending.  Davis said we needed a comprehensive policy and then read some of the OCS drilling myths the WaPo dispelled this morning.  Davis concluded, "Whether or not you agree on drilling in the OCS or not, we deserve a debate."