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    Tell Michigan Representatives to Vote YES for Lower Insurance Costs

    The cost of auto insurance in Michigan is higher than almost any other state, and the reason is a broken system desperately in need of reform. This week, Michigan's House of Representatives is voting on a bill, HB 4936, which will reform current system by giving consumers more choice and more control over the amount of coverage they seek.

    Below is a list of the key House members whose support is needed on HB 4936. If you live in Michigan, please take a moment to contact these members TODAY and ask them to support HB 4936.

    Tyler (Niles)   

    Bumstead (Newaygo)

    Muxlow (Brown City)  

    Rogers (Brighton)  

    Hughes (Muskegon)

    Heise (Plymouth)

    Zorn (Ida)

    Jacobsen (Oxford)

    Shirkey (Clark Lake)

    Poleski (Jackson)

    Yonker (Caledonia)

    Haveman (Holland)

    Knollenberg (Troy) 

    MacGregor (Rockford)

    Schmidt (Traverse City)

    Kowall (White Lake)

    Rendon (Lake City)

    Hooker (Byron Center) 

    Farrington (Utica)

    Somerville (New Boston)

    Damrow (Port Austin)

    Donna Reed

    Josh - have you reviewed the legislative summary provided in my previous comment? I do not understand why FreedomWorks is supporting a bill that will increase the number of Medicaid recipients - FreedomWorks is for SMALLER government, yes? This bill actually creates a new de facto 'agency' as well.
    For FreedomWorks to continue as 'the' political muscle for small government - FW's position on this legislation MUST change.

    Donna Reed

    1. HB 4936 is the epitome of a badly written piece of legislation.
    2. Information cited by FreedomWorks is NOT the current bill information
    3. Pedestrians, cyclists, bikers and out-of-state tourists will receive the most scant of coverage, if involved in an auto-accident (even below the minimum coverage amounts)
    4. Medical costs will eat up $500K before some people even reach rehab stage (think closed-head injuries)
    5. The citizen reaction to this bill resulted in the gallery overflow being the largest seen in decades in Michigan
    6. Insurance lobby strong proponent of this bill - it will transfer costs of insurance policy benefits to the state
    7. Current beneficiaries of auto-insurance policies will be pushed onto Medicaid and into facilities (so, if you're in an catastrophic accident in Michigan, your life changes, never approaching what it was, even if the accident is not your fault)
    8. Legislative Analysis here:

    FreedomWorks - PLEASE reconsider your support of this bill.


    Josh, go home bud. Why would any Michigan resident want to listen to Dick Armey. Armey and Tom DeLay (still in prison?) pruned the party of remaining respectable conservatives and continue to funnel money to the 1%. HB 4936 is Genocide dude. You are a shill for moneyed interests and really should study the issue they pay you to write about. You might find they run contrary to your personal values. You fool nobody. By the way, thanks for the list of reps. with a conscience. Now we know the ones who need to be worked on.

    Beth Kelly

    Josh, you are tragically misinformed. This bill is a disaster that does NOTHING to reduce rates.