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Issue Analysis

Wind Energy: A Darker Shade of Green

A Darker Shade of Green

Wind Turbine

Wind energy has become an environmentalist’s catchall. Americans have been led to believe that the big white wind turbines springing up all across the country are a sort of great white hope for the environment and energy security. The truth is that the nature of the industry requires those who produce and operate windmills to compromise the environment and ecosystem to compensate for an array of problems and short-comings. Wind is nowhere near as environmentally sound as those in the “green” movement would like everyone to believe. Even the federal government is guilty of perpetuating misinformation on wind power. 

Read more about the issue of windpower and its true impact on the environment in the following FreedomWorks Foundation Issue Analysis: A Darker Shade of Green, by clicking on the link below.

A Darker Shade of Green

Lisa Hedger

Great points! It's about time to expose the truth on wind energy considering the huge amount of subsidies (tax dollars) going to this program.

Randi Kainz

One of the best photos I've ever it! Great blog post.