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Press Release

Photos: FreedomWorks GOTV Across North Carolina

NORTH CAROLINA.  FreedomWorks members swept across the Tarheel state the weekend before Election 2008, delivering information about candidates' positions on key economic issues.  Among those pictured here are  FreedomWorks member and Elon University Intern Paul Chabai distributing literature near a polling place in Elon, NC.  FreedomWorks members in North Carolina also placed over  6,000 calls to help educate voters. On October 18th, in Taylorsville, volunteer leaders Molly Black, Linda and Hal Jolly work a FreedomWorks voter education table at the Taylorsville Apple Festival.  They signed up over 100 new activist at the one-day event.  


Activist Robin Staudt tagging windshields in Cary,NC

Congresswomen Virginia Foxx with Linda and Molly

Activist Molly Black

Activist Molly Black and Hal Jolly