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Hagan hides from Obama

Senator Kay Hagan is trying to prove she can be tough on the president, (although voting with the president’s agenda 92% of the time makes it hard to believe) by issuing a harsh statement about his commitment to and treatment of veterans. Senator Hagan released a statement minutes after it was announced that President Obama was going to speak at the American Legion’s 96th National Convention. The senator states, “I hope to hear the president address these challenges at the American Legion’s National Convention in Charlotte. I will be there to discuss some of the steps I want to see taken in Washington to uphold the commitment our government has made to North Carolina’s veterans.” She goes on to brag she is Member of the Armed Services Committee and that she “comes from a strong military family.”

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You Will Never Guess the City Where the Veterans Administration Installed Solar Energy

Going green has gone wild at the Veterans Administration.

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Obama Plays Dumb on VA Scandal

Faced with mounting criticism over the Veterans Administration scandal, President Obama is playing the dumb card – claiming he found out about the problem through the media.

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Obama Ignored VA Problems in 2008

No shocker here. In 2008 the Obama transition team was notified about serious problems at the Veterans Administration including manipulation of waiting times for appointments but President Obama failed to act.