America’s fiscal crisis is escalating rapidly, demanding immediate action. Deficits and debt are soaring due to the exponential growth of mandatory spending and interest costs. Fortunately, we have a solution in the form of the Fiscal Commission Act, H.R. 5779.

This bipartisan bill proposes the creation of a 16-member commission tasked with balancing the budget and stabilizing our debt within a mere ten years. What sets it apart is its commitment to bipartisan representation, requiring a simple majority with members from both parties to endorse recommendations, ensuring credibility.

For the commission to succeed, it needs the brightest minds in Congress. Your support for the Fiscal Commission Act can make a significant impact in steering our nation toward a more stable and sustainable fiscal future. Act now and join the movement for fiscal responsibility!

What You Can Do:

We need your voice now. The fiscal crisis that’s staring us down is too serious to waste this opportunity, contact your member today using the form above!

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