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Press Release

EPA Air Conditioning Rule Gets Frosty Reception from FreedomWorks


Following EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy's signing of a proposed rule aimed at restricting emissions from air conditioners, FreedomWorks CEO Adam Brandon commented:

"Enough is enough! EPA regulations cost the economy $379 billion each year. We should be focusing on pro-growth policies instead of regulations that further damage our already struggling economy."

"We effectively have a fourth branch of government, one that is clearly unconstitutional. At some point, Congress is going to have to hold rogue agencies like the EPA accountable."

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stonestone's picture
stone stone

I like how the phrase " struggling economy" was tossed in as a supporting tidbit. Ironic since the economy is actually doing quiet well. Of course AstroTurf organizations such as these rely on poor economies to exaggerate their " concerns".
if you want to make some sort of point... At least have a valid point to start with.