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EPA attacks on the States

Under a new plan from the Environment Protection Agency, States could face up to $90 billion in costs. The new EPA National Health Based Standards for Ozone would take the current levels of 75 Parts Per Billion (PPB) of Ozone and lower it to a level of 60 to 70 PPB. By increasing the strict level of PPB numerous new counties would faces fines for not being up to code. As many as 650 counties from across the United States would face these fines if the new laws are enacted. To put that into perspective roughly 21% of the counties nation-wide would not be up to code. 

Many members of Congress are worried about the amount of money that would be spent in order to keep the counties up to code. Rep. Jim Matheson (D-Utah) was one of the nearly 100 House Members who sent a letter to Lisa Jackson stating their opposition to the plan. Matheson represents 4 counties who would not be in attainment under the new standards. Rep. Matheson said his constituents are worried about how the stricter standards would affect the oil and natural gas production in the area. With more and more members of Congress from both sides of the aisle showing their opposition to the regulation one must wonder why President Obama and the EPA are continuing their push for a plan which would hurt American production. 

Source: Politico