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Press Release

FreedomWorks Comments on Proposed Federal Regulation of Vehicle Emissions

Today President Bush reiterated desire for a mandatory fuel standard that requires 35 billion gallons of renewable and other alternative fuels in the next ten years and to significantly increase the stringency of fuel standards in the motor vehicle fleet.

Matt Kibbe, President and CEO of FreedomWorks commented:

“Government interventions to the market are the reason for a wide range of ailments in the energy marketplace. A 20 percent reduction in gasoline consumption is not a serious public policy goal until the President and the Congress first act to eliminate the trade barriers, subsidies and regulations that would allow the introduction of alternatives to gasoline. Repeal of the sugar subsidy program and elimination of the tariff on ethanol would allow consumers and producers access to global ethanol markets.

Concern for America’s energy and environmental needs demands bold action not empty political gestures. The alternative is to continue a failed experiment with energy regulations and mandates that reach across the entire economy and far into American pocketbooks.”