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Press Release

FreedomWorks Presents on Energy to RNC Oregon Delegation


Monday September 1 at a breakfast sponsored by FreedomWorks at the Republican National Convention, Russ Walker FreedomWorks Oregon Director, gave a presentation about energy issues in front of 70 Delegates and guests from Oregon. His address focused on the challenges facing Oregon and the United States and the difficulties energy companies face while trying to construct and site new production facilities in Oregon.

Specifically Walker discussed the obstructionist activities of extreme environmental groups and individuals like Columbia Riverkeeper and its leader Brent Foster, who recently sued to block construction of a liquefied natural gas facility that will reduce the cost of energy to Oregon families and lead to more energy independence.

The event was covered by the Oregonian (two articles) and Politico-Oregon. Later in the day he was interviewed by Lars Larson on the statewide Lars Larson show. He signed up over 50 new activists to join in the fight to create a rational energy policy that includes all energy options, with an emphasis on allowing the market, not government, to determine the best solutions to meet Oregon's energy needs.