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KEPR-TV catches Dan Newhouse lying about Clint Didier

Originally Published in FreedomWorks For America on 10/28/14.

Voters in Washington's Fourth Congressional District will have until November 4th to cast a vote between constitutional conservative Clint Didier and liberal Dan Newhouse, and it's become clear that Newhouse is getting desperate.

In a Monday evening segment, KEPR-TV fact-checked the misleading statements and outright lies Newhouse, a former appointee of Democrat Gov. Christine Gregoire, has been spreading in his campaign ads:

As voters in Washington's Fourth District mail in their ballots, they need to make sure they trust the candidates they're voting for. Dan Newhouse is proving himself to be a dishonest candidate, one willing to say and do anything to get elected.

Clint Didier is in the honest candidate in this race. The response to his campaign has been positive, which is why Newhouse is resorting to misleading claims and lies, but we still need your help to elect Clint Didier and grow the House Freedom Caucus.