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Key Vote

Key Vote YES on the Barton Amendment to Repeal the Ban on Oil Exports

On behalf of our over 6.9 million activists nationwide, I urge you to call your representative and ask him or her to vote YES on the Barton Amendment to H.R. 8. This amendment would lift the decades-old ban on U.S. oil exports.

The ban on U.S. oil exports is an relic from the 1970s oil shortages, and there is zero justification for keeping it around today. American oil and gas production is booming, and allowing oil companies to export their products would be a great benefit to an economy that sorely needs avenues for growth. Repealing the ban would create billions of dollars in new wealth in the economy, and would create thousands of jobs.

Repealing the oil export ban is a crucial component of a pro-growth agenda, and should be one of the easiest votes of the year.

FreedomWorks will score votes for the Barton amendment as a Key Vote when calculating our Congressional Scorecard for 2015. Our scorecard is used to determine eligibility for the FreedomFighter Award, which recognizes Members of Congress who consistently vote to support economic freedom and individual liberty.


Adam Brandon

President & CEO, FreedomWorks

rae yearnd

This is a bad idea at this time, remember even during the height of shale production we still were importing 40% of our daily oil consumption, so the assertion that we "need" to export our oil is a lie. Also the saudis refuse to consider any cutback in production unless the Iraqis and Russians agree to cut production.
What this Change in law is really about is The Majors being able to export Oil some of it domestically produced, some of it sourced from Mexico or Central and South America and with that oil Also Export American Refinery JOBS.
As you can imagine the cost of Running American Refining Operations is far greater than that cost would be overseas, We already can and DO import large amounts of refined products From overseas. So if the export ban is lifted than the import of refined products should be curtailed.
I have great sympathy for the beating that Oil Companies of all sizes are taking in the market today, BUT to allow them to use the sacrifice of more U.S. jobs in order to make up for current losses is too much for me. This should be a big NO vote,, and JOE Barton should Know better.