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Press Release

Panda-monium from FreedomWorks North Carolina


WESTERN NORTH CAROLINA.  Twenty-two Freedomworks members from 3 chapters-- McDowell, Macon and Buncombe Counties-- rallied for sensible energy policy and against recent votes in Congress to place price controls on gasoline.  FreedomWorks received press coverage from WLOS TV  ABC and the Asheville Tribune as they rallied outside Congressman Heath Shuler’s Asheville office. 

Allen Page, FreedomWorks’ Southeastern Director, said , “Congressman Shuler is supposed to be a Blue Dog Democrat, but for someone who claims to be a fiscal conservative, he’s not taking real life economics into consideration on his energy votes. His recent vote on the Energy Policy Reform and Revitalization Act would limit development of domestic energy sources, thereby increasing gas prices.

"Limiting domestic production will do nothing to relieve energy costs; in fact it will make them worse. If we want to see gas prices come down we need to increase the supply. Congressman Shuler needs to understand that although his votes satisfied the environmentalists in Hollywood, he is raising costs for hardworking North Carolinians at the pump.”