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Reminder: May 25th Day of Action to Stop EPA


This is a quick reminder to tell you that today is our Day of Action to stop the EPA power grab and support the Murkowski Resolution of Disapproval. Your senators need to hear from you TODAY.

We have all worked too hard over the past months to let this go down without a serious fight. Please visit and call your senators' district offices - and urge your friends to do so as well.

We have set up an Information Center where you can find the phone numbers and websites for targeted Senators as well as resources like talking points, myths and facts, and other commentaries with background information about the Murkowski Resolution and why it is so important. We are also urging people to write letters to the editor of their local papers to help educate others about this pressing issue.

Working together, all at once, our efforts will be impossible for the Senate to ignore. We all have much to lose should the unelected officials at the EPA be allowed to run roughshod over our economy. The added burden of energy regulations and taxes will raise energy costs through the roof and send jobs overseas. That is a high price to pay for little impact on the environment.

Your phone call or visit will make a big impact in this fight. At FreedomWorks we like to say that government goes to those who show up - please take a few minutes to show up today and take a stand for our jobs. Please visit our Information Center to learn more. Be sure to ask your friends and neighbors to take action so that our efforts are magnified exponentially.