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As it stands now, Title IX protects students and school employees from discriminating “on the basis of sex” in schools and universities receiving federal funds (that is, virtually all schools and higher-education institutions). Congress passed it in 1972 to ensure that girls and women had access to the same educational opportunities and programs as boys and men. Fifty years later, it has been an unqualified success. Biden’s proposal would destroy that legacy.

The proposal to expand Title IX to include LGBTQI+ students would require schools to allow participation in programs and facilities that are consistent with a person’s gender identity. (The issue of transgender students’ participation on a particular male or female athletics team will be addressed in a future proposal.)
This means that schools would have to open women’s/girls’ bathrooms and other facilities to individuals just because they claim to be female.
This sacrifices the safety and privacy of women and girls to carry out a “woke” policy agenda.


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