March 16 Update

By now you should have heard all about the People’s Surge Against ObamaCare 2.0 on March 16.  If not, go here to get caught up.

Tuesday looks like it will be a nice 64 degrees and partly cloudy, great protesting weather.  Bring yourself, a friend or five,  and comfortable walking shoes – we have alot of ground to cover.

When you go to visit your legislators, be prepared to explain clearly and politely why you personally oppose this health care bill.  It is also good to be able to say exactly what types of real reforms you would like to see as well.  There are definitely problems with the system we have, but more goverment isn’t the answer.  For good research on why this is a bad plan and what good reforms would look like, please see our Issue Developments page in the ObamaCare Online War Room.

And if you have time, please be sure to mention the need to stop cap and trade and EPA plans to regulate greenhouse gases.

We definitely have a lot on our plates these days, but it’s important that we don’t let these other vital fights for our liberty and economy be forgotten.  We need to stop ObamaCare, but we have to be watching our backs, too.  Because that’s where big government is looking for end-run manuevers to enact massive energy regulations that will raise costs and hurt business.  Now, both the House and Senate have resolutions to stop the EPA’s plans to regulate greenhouse gases.  They have garned great bipartisan support, but they need your support to make it over the top and onto the floor.

Please be sure to urge your legislators to oppose the government takeover of health care and support resolutions to stop the EPA.

Rest up this weekend and we’ll see you at the Hill on Tuesday.