FreedomWorks vs.

I think I know who I’m siding with. Freedom Works!

…on the afternoon of June 9, the group gathered at the Bethesda Hyatt, the same location MoveOn planned to march from. While the website with details about the protest had promised about 30 MoveOn protesters, only a handful showed up. As the small band of progressives began to march down the street toward the first gas station (where prices started at a shocking $4.29 for regular), their MoveOn banner proudly clutched by two volunteers leading the pack, they were at first excited to see a group of young, enthusiastic people join them. Waving our own posters mocking the group that said things like “Drill? Yes We Can,” “Mr. Obama: You Can’t Have My Car,” and “Buy Local, Drill at Home” the counter-demonstrators more than doubled the ranks of marchers.

Great job FreedomWorks!