Green is the New Red

The Club for Growth recently created an email list for conservative groups to coordinate their efforts on policy matters. One of those policies is the tax-hiking, over-regulating, lobbyist-loving, Al Gore-ring-kissing Lieberman-Warner Climate bill currently being debated on in the Senate. It’s basically the Kyoto Treaty on steroids.

Below are all the organizations who are urging Senators to vote NO on the bill. But I should make note of one interesting tidbit. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid knows this bill stinks to high heaven so he decided to block all amendments to the bill, the kind of amendments that would put Democrats on record for supporting economy-choking proposals. It’s understood that he’ll pull the bill to prevent a vote on final passage as well. So the only vote the Senate is going to make on this bill going forward is a cloture vote scheduled for tomorrow.

Club for Growth
National Taxpayers Union
Eagle Forum
Americans for Prosperity
Council for Citizens Against Government Waste
Americans for Tax Reform
Alliance for Worker Freedom