Rejecting MoveOn’s Anti-Energy Message

Even with only a few hours notice, FreedomWorks and friends were able to gather a respectable counter demonstration to oppose a group of MoveOn protesters calling for an “Oil-Free” presidency outside the Capitol Tuesday afternoon.

Armed with signs and stickers, the group poked holes in MoveOn’s anti-energy message.  As MoveOn members below the monument to General Grant shouted for less drilling and boldly stated they would love higher prices, rational activists took the high ground with signs reading, “Pump Rage? Thank MoveOn,” “I Don’t Get a Vacation From High Gas Prices,” and “It’s the Supply, Stupid.”

Free market believers from organizations and groups across the city held their ground, even as MoveOn tried to rip signs, shout at, and intimidate their opposition. Even as rain threatened from an overcast sky, protesters angrily got in our faces saying solar and wind were enough to make us oil-free right now.

Families visiting the city, here to admire their nation’s Capitol instead were confronted with an angry group of people intent on raising energy costs.  The tourists immediately joined up with the FreedomWorks crowd, gladly holding up extra signs, taking bumper stickers, and telling the crowd below that domestic production was a real energy solution and a more environmentally sound one at that, in contrast to some ill-informed “Drill and Spill” signs.  One passerby, Luke, was visiting with his family from Florida.  He immediately joined the fray and asked to stay while the rest of his family visited nearby museums.

As the event wore on, MoveOn and Code Pink began to rapidly disperse – staying only long enough to talk for the cameras.  At the same time, soon those calling for utilizing domestic supplies and more energy grew as area interns and Hill staffers came out until the group far outnumbered the few MoveOn stragglers below, reflecting the real will of the people of the United States who overwhelmingly favor unleashing the vast potential we have within our own borders.