Stop Big Government in West Virginia

West Virginia is facing two threats from big government at the state and federal levels: new greenhouse gas regulations from the EPA and a new cigarette tax hike from Charleston. Both are bad fiscal policy. Both would raise costs and harm businesses. Both need to be stopped.

Call Senator Manchin and stop the EPA power grab!

Contact your state legislators and stop the new tax hike!

Cosponsor S. 228: Stop the EPA

We need to urge Sen. Joe Manchin to cosponsor S. 228, the “Defending America’s Affordable Energy and Jobs Act.” This bill would stop the un-elected bureaucrats at the Environmental Protection Agency from acting on their own to implement costly new greenhouse gas regulations. This is a backdoor “cap and trade” scheme that must be stopped to prevent further damage to our fragile, recovering economy before it sends energy costs through the roof.

Sen. Manchin won his election last fall because he promised to hold firm and stop cap and trade. Now he needs to follow through. These EPA regulations are every bit as damaging to West Virginia’s economy as the cap and trade bill Sen. Manchin shot. Click here to ask Sen. Manchin to stop the EPA and co-sponsor S. 228 to keep West Virginia jobs here and energy costs low.

Oppose Tax Hikes: Stop H.B. 2973

West Virginia is one of the few states in the union that isn’t suffering from a giant budget gap, in fact, there is a surplus. That’s why it is so surprising that some legislators in Charleston want to rais e taxes! A surplus doesn’t mean it’s time to spend, but it does mean that new tax hikes are unjustifiable – especially one that almost triples the current cigarette tax to a whopping $1.55, in addition to other giant taxes on other tobacco products.

Whether you smoke or not, cigarette tax hikes are bad fiscal policy. Budgets quickly get planned around pie-in-the-sky numbers, but the anticipated profits rarely materialize and then real budget gaps can emerge. It’s also unfair to ask one small minority of the population to pony up more cash for programs that benefit everyone. Finally, cigarette taxes also hurt small businesses, businesses that are already facing an uphill battle in the current economy.

Click here to tell your state leaders this is a tax hike West Virginia doesn’t need.

The EPA and cash grabs in Charleston both pose big threats to businesses and individuals who live here. It’s clear that we need to stay vigilent on every front as we work to bring more freedom to this state.