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Key Vote

Establishment Republicans Surrender: See Whether Your Senators Voted to Fund ObamaCare Here!

Last week, Republicans in the House of Representatives, under great pressure from their constituents, came together and passed a Continuing Resolution (CR) to fund the federal government, but which disallowed any funding for ObamaCare. This afternoon, Republicans the U.S. Senate betrayed their House colleagues and their constituents by voting to send the CR back the House with funding for ObamaCare.

The critical vote today was a procedural vote - on cloture - to end debate and proceed to votes on amendments and passage of the bill. Ending debate requires 60 votes, meaning that the 46 Republicans in the Senate have the numbers to put a stop to a bill if they so choose. After cloture, the remaining votes, including passage of the bill, require only 50 votes to pass, meaning that the Senate Democrats can pass what they wish without Republican input.

As Senators Mike Lee and Ted Cruz have been reminding their colleagues, a 'yes' on cloture is a vote to fund ObamaCare. 

The following 25 Republicans stood shoulder to shoulder with Senator Harry Reid and President Obama to fund ObamaCare:



















Johnson (WI)







Meanwhile, the 19 heroes who stood with Senators Cruz and Lee to defund ObamaCare are:




















Two Republican senators did not vote:



Because of the remarkable opportunity presented by the cloture vote today, and thus the magnitude of the failure of these Senate Republicans, FreedomWorks is double-weighting the score of this vote on our online Congressional Scorecard.

kellymcgee1's picture
Kelly McGee

Senator COCHRAN, you are a traitor to the American people.

Alan Simpson

Why was my comment "moderated"?
There were no attacks, no profanity, just common sense views..........
Did it upset the divisiveness and hatred that you're trying to create?

D Williams

I think they moderate all comments with links attached as I have had mine moderated with links attached and I agree with this web site and most web sites trying to advance the constitution, free market enterprise and getting government control back into the people's hands.

Alan Simpson

I keep trying to add my comments but you keep asking me to confirm them. I have used my iPhone to video how your site keeps comments out, if you don't add my comment, I will post the video on you tube.
Below is the comment that I keep getting.
Certain comments are moderated. Your comment will be verified by staff.

Bill Hibbits

My suggestion for all those, senators and their supports who are voting to de-fund the AHC act aka Obamacare, is to opt-out of government provided health care programs, like medicare. Why don't you all take an oath (sounds familiar, huh?) to give up your government provided benefits, medicare, social security etc. Insurance works when all risk groups participate in the program, but I am sure having a few less "anti-AHC" participants will not upset the risk/benefits calculus. Look for one of the new programs being offered by private insurance companies who will now be operating in more competitive markets. And for the senators, why not opt-out of your congressional retirement pension, something the private sector has been doing away for decades. Why join not join us in the privately funded 401k world?

Robert Taylor

OK, "insurance works when all risk groups participate in the program [in reference to Medicare]." What you didn't clearly note in your commentary is that Medicare is optional for all, and that half of the program, "Part A," does not require that people pay one red cent -- it is a welfare benefit from the US government. The other half, "Part B," which the people pay 25% the actual cost of, does have some people opting out, many of whom have insurance coverage elsewhere.

Your observation that everyone is participating is correct mainly because nobody pays even close to the real cost of participation. Sales of Bentley's aren't all that great; but if you sold them for 25,000 instead of $200,000; I'm guessing the Bentley would be the #1 selling car in the nation. If we charged people the full $800 it costs for each Medicare beneficiary each month, you would see a bunch of them opting out.

D Williams

It is time for everyone to get involved. Find OUT who is opposing the idiots in the next election, find out everything you can about them and if qualified donate, donate, donate to them elected so we can try to change the tide.
Tenn - Lamar Alexander opponent (State Rep. Joe Carr)
Texas - John Cornyn opponent (a veteran Erick Wyatt) erickwyatt (dot) com
more to come as I do more research

Karen Bock

I don't see Mary Landreiu on your list. I want to know how she voted.

Robert Taylor

She voted for funding Obamacare. Now that the wheels are coming off, she's running for cover, but she supported it from the very beginning -- without her vote back in 2009/2010, it would have never become law. That's right, just ONE vote would have changed the outcome.

Karen Bock

Never mind. I see you are just talking about Republicans.

Rodney Murray

I don't even know what to say about those cowards. This is no time for scared politicians with tails between their legs. The establishment Republicans have no backbone and if they fought as hard against Obama Care as those fighting for it we would have this thing beat. I would rather fight and loose than put up no fight at all. People respect someone who fights and looses, not someone curled up on the floor crying for mommy before they have even been hit.

Hap Brindle

This is why I no longer give money to support Republicans and gave up on Dems in 1980. Either we get a new political party or it's insurrection time.

Darrell Altus

My suggestion is if your local politician isn't voting to defund Obamacare then send money to politicians like Ted Cruz and Mike Lee to support them. However, be sure to make a copy of the donation and the send the copy to the Republican party and your local politician with a note that when they start to support conservative principles they to can receive a donation and your vote!

james gile

the house conservatives are like the first troops on Normandy beach. they need reinforcements and we need control of the senate. the elections coming in 2014 and 2016 are crucial to save the America we grew up in. Reagan outspent the soviet union and brought them down without firing a shot. Obama,pelosi and reid are trying to do the same thing here,take down America from within. all who love America need to get off the couch and vote in 14 and 16, in numbers that make 2010 look like preseason practice. it's up to freedom loving americans to change some faces in dc and save this country before it's too late.

Doug Harris

We need to find out more about those that have their hats in the ring to run against some of the turncoats. Right now I know of two that are trying to run against Cornyn. Need to know more so we don't end up with another Aikin. The two are Erick Wyatt and Dwayne Stovall.

dmorda4's picture
Darron Morgan

Just yesterday i was thanking my senators Chambliss and Isackson for their stance on defunding Obama care and now this. Time to start looking for replacements. I'm done with them.