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FreedomWorks Final Four - What's your pick?

We are excited to announce our first Twitter promotion. FreedomWorks is conducting a contest to identify the key issue of 2012. America is faced with massive debt, intrusive laws and a disastrous Obama administration. With this in mind, we are asking everyone on Twitter to weigh in on the biggest issue of this election year. We want to hear from you!

FreedomWorks’ Final Four will start Tuesday, April 3, and go through Tuesday, April 10. Issues will be matched up in pairs and users will have two days to vote on each match up. The first match up will be Replacing Obamacare versus Taking the Senate and it will run from April 3, until April 4.  The Federal Budget/Deficit will then face off against Repealing Obamacare April 5, through April 6. After these two initial matches the final pairing will face off April 9, and April 10.

To participate all users have to do is send a tweet containing our username, @FreedomWorks, and the hashtag (#) they want to vote for. Users will be able to follow the match ups’ progress by visiting our live tracking poll. A link to the poll will be posted here on the FreedomWorks blog the second day of the competition. For reference, here are the match ups again:

Replacing Obama (#Obama) vs. Taking the Senate (#Senate) April 3-4

Federal Budget / Deficit (#Budget) vs. Repeal Obamacare (#RepealObamacare) April 5-6

neilmaccallister's picture
neil maccallister

Is not the biggest issue Mitt Romney's blurting out during debate that he is determined to kill that white whale named 'public-private salary gap'?? I mean EVERYTHING depends upon the budget -- and what is demolishing our budget more than our ever-increasing government payroll and benefit burdens? If we vote for people devoted to bringing down our debt, even if it means we'd have to take private sector payroll-competitive jobs, we might survive. Will we?

neilmaccallister's picture
neil maccallister

P.s., the above, ..I mean Romney BRAVELY "blurting out"! ..I wish him, and Paul Ryan the BEST! ..Carry on you Band of Brothers!!! .. : )

Gary Cearfoss's picture
Gary Cearfoss

Replacing Obama