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    FreedomWorks Hosts Conference Call To Share Survey Results


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    On April 21 thousands of our members joined me and renowned pollster Frank Luntz to discuss the results of our latest survey which confirms what we already knew: The Tea Party's position on cutting spending, reducing the deficit and bringing down the national debt, has overwhelming support from likely voters across America.

    To sum up what this poll means, it's not Washington elites, it's Tea Party activists that are calling the shots and defining our political conversation. Whether it's President Obama, the Democrats, or the Republicans, the question is no longer if we need to cut government -- but by how much.

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    Luntz began the conference call by going through the exciting results of the survey and here are some of the highlights:

    Voters Want a Balanced Budget: 78 percent believe there is “no excuse” for taking longer than 10 years to balance the budget.

    No Spending is “Off-Limits”: 78 percent said reforming entitlements is the “right thing to do.”

    78 percent supported Secretary Gates’ recommendation to cut $145 unnecessary defense spending.

    Entitlement Reform is Necessary and Urgent: 88 percent believe Social Security and Medicare need to be reformed immediately.

    Eliminate Waste: 64 percent support eliminating wasteful departments and programs, such as HUD, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

    Don’t Raise the Debt Ceiling: 69 percent oppose raising the debt ceiling above the current $14.3 trillion level. Support for raising the debt ceiling increases (17 percent to 31 percent) if provisions are included to cut spending and reduce future debt such as binding spending caps and/or passage of a serious balanced budget.

    To see full results of the survey, click here.

    After discussing the survey, Kibbe and Luntz fielded questions from activists around the country:

    Q: John Ferguson, North Dakota: Given a lot of the data that was walked through on the call, it seems like the Republicans in Congress could have been more agressive. Why didn't they go for bigger, broader spending cuts and restraint?

    Q: Cheryl Rothinger via Twitter: What would happen if we do not raise the debt ceiling? 

    Q: Robert Tuerke via Facebook: Is it possible to balance the budget with completely wiping out entitlements?

    To hear answers to these questions and find out more about our latest survey, listen to the complete call here. Runtime is 37 mins. 

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