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Press Release

Washington FreedomWorks Rallies in Olympia


Approximately 30 citizens took part in the February 20th, WA FreedomWorks Day in Olympia. Activists toured the Capitol and observed a Joint Session of the Senate and House where WA statewide elected officials presented the Medal of Valor to four outstanding citizens.

At a luncheon hosted by FreedomWorks, activists were briefed on the state budget, spending limit, and surplus by House Minority Leader Richard DeBolt, Paul Guppy of the Washington Policy Center, and Jason Mercier of the Evergreen Freedom Foundation. Several members of the legislature and legislative staff also attended the briefing and visited constituents.

Following the luncheon, participants individually met with their elected officials and spoke with Jamie Daniels about grassroot strategy and the FreedomWorks agenda.

Jason Mercier, Senior Budget Analyst, Evergreen Freedom Foundation

Paul Guppy, Vice Presedent Research, WA Policy Institute

House Monority Leader Richard DeBolt

Activists touring the newly renovated State Capitol Building