5 Ways Harry Reid Acts Like A Tyrant

Harry Reid is the tyrant of the Senate. His excessive use of arcane procedural rules blocks the minority party from having a say in government. King George III also used his authority to marginalize Americans he disagreed with politically.

There are 5 ways Harry Reid is like the tyrant King George III.

  1. He Threatens to Crush Any Opposition: 
    King George tried to strong-arm the colonists into paying more taxes, all while crushing their autonomy. He threatened to unleash the devastating British military if his plans were impeded. Harry Reid has tried to strong-arm republicans into affirming blatantly partisan appointees. He uses the “nuclear option” like a sword of Damocles to threaten Republicans into going along with his progressive agenda. The nuclear option, if enacted, will radically change the Senate. It will allow a 51 member majority to crush the minority voice  into the dust, and ignore all their pleas.  
  2. He Keeps Political Enemies From Participating in Law: 
    Initially, when the colonists thought the King might be reasonable, they offered an appeasing solution. They wanted to have a say in the British legislative process, in the form of a representative in Parliament. The King ignored their desire for representation, and continued to tax the colonists mercilessly. Colonists had no voice in creating the British laws they had to obey. Harry Reid uses an obscure procedure called “Filling the Tree” to keep minority party amendments from being heard. This way, he keeps the opposition from having any say in how laws are created or fine-tuned. He has done this more than any other Senate Majority Leader in US history. 
  3. He Flaunts the Will of the People:
     It’s clear that King George was an absolutist monarch; he ignored his subject’s yearning for political freedom. After all, he was a King! Harry Reid does much the same, and continues to flaunt the will of the people. He was, and remains, an avid supporter of ObamaCare. This legislative train wreck was rammed through Congress before anyone could fully understand it. Now, after the people have had time to read it and feel its harmful sting, half the population wants the law gone. Reid refuses to listen to the people, making him no different than the tyrant King George. 
  4. He Appoints Loyal Cronies to Government Posts:
    King George replaced old colonial governors with royal appointees dedicated to his political agenda. These appointees were friends and flatterers who were tasked with pushing the King’s agenda in each colony. They even went as far as to dissolve colonial legislatures and rule the colonies like miniature kings. In the same vein, Harry Reid has used his power and influence as Majority leader of the Senate. He recently helped Obama push through extremely partisan appointees and continues to support the President’s cronies. Reid’s appointees have used their position in government to push the Progressive Agenda, harming the nation in the process.
  5. He Punishes Political Enemies: 
    King George has one thorn in his side, Charles Fox. Fox was a parliamentarian who sympathized with the American Revolution. He was demonized by the King’s allies and was forced out of his position as Foreign Secretary in 1783 for defying the King. Modern day tyrant Harry Reid spends almost all his time in front of the camera denouncing Senate Republicans as obstructionists. This is hypocritical, since, while demonizing them, he uses arcane rules to reduce their influence and bargaining power like no other Senate leader before.  

King George III, the tyrant of Britain, was an enemy of the democratic process. So is Harry Reid, the tyrant of the Senate.  Let’s hope the newest George in the royal family doesn’t follow in either tyrant’s footsteps!