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Bold Actions by Bold Senators

Since the Tea Party made so much noise at the polls last fall, we have seen a lot of bold action from Members of the House of Representatives to try to rein in spending, reduce the deficit, and limit the overall scope of government.

Unfortunately, Senate leadership is not taking heed and has failed to truly address the major issues facing our country. Despite our looming national debt ($14.3 trillion), they have not proposed any major cuts in spending; they have not reformed entitlement programs; and they have not proposed a budget, balanced or otherwise. 

Though courageous action in the Senate is harder to find, several Republican senators have managed to separate themselves from the rest and champion bold legislation that addresses our government's fiscal irresponsibility and lack of restraint and accountability. We commend these senators for their actions and we urge them to promote even bolder legislation.

Of these bold senators, 5 particularly stand out for promoting legislation that gets to the heart of the economic issues facing our country:

Bold Senators