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Press Release

FreedomWorks Joins Line-Item Veto Coalition Letter


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We the undersigned urge all Members of the United States House of Representatives to support the passage of the Legislative Line-Item Veto Act, H.R. 4890. Spending and earmarking are out of control. Indeed, the federal government last year spent a record $23,760 per household-adjusted for inflation, the most since World War II.

The American people are demanding that Congress and the President exercise fiscal discipline and this legislation provides an important tool in meeting that goal. H.R. 4890 would give the President the authority to isolate unnecessary or wasteful spending provisions in bills that have passed Congress and send these specific line items back to Congress for a timely up-or-down vote.

Additionally, the legislation provides the President the ability to single out and request the rescission of special interest tax breaks that apply to small numbers of individuals. Under the legislation, the President’s rescission requests would be placed on a fast track for consideration in Congress. House and Senate leadership would have the opportunity to introduce the President’s rescission requests within two days following receipt of the President’s message. After that time period, any Member of Congress may introduce the President’s rescission proposal. Once introduced, the rescission bill would be referred to the appropriate committee, which would have five days to report the bill without substantive revision. Failure to meet the specified deadline would result in the bill being automatically discharged and placed on the appropriate calendar for action.

H.R. 4890 respects and preserves Congress’ power of the purse under the Constitution, as each proposed rescission would require an up-or-down vote in the full House and Senate within 10 days of the rescission bill’s introduction. No amendments to the proposed rescissions would be allowed.
Federal spending MUST be brought under control. Along with desperately needed budget process reform, a legislative line-item veto is an essential concept which Congress
should enthusiastically embrace. We urge you to VOTE FOR H.R. 4890, Legislative Line-Item Veto Act.

J. William Lauderback Grover G. Norquist
Executive Vice President President
The American Conservative Union Americans for Tax Reform
John Berthoud, Ph.D. Thomas Schatz
President President
National Taxpayers Union Council for Citizens against
Government Waste
Jeff Mazzella Mike Kibbe
President President and CEO
Center for Individual Freedom FreedomWorks
Andrea Lafferty Dan Perrin
Executive Director American Taxpayers Alliance
Traditional Values Coalition
James L. Martin
60 Plus Association