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Press Release

FreedomWorks Statement in Response to Senate Passage of Megabus Spending Bills

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- In response to the Senate’s passage today of the Consolidated Appropriations Act and the Further Consolidated Appropriations Act, both for Fiscal Year 2020, Adam Brandon, FreedomWorks’ president, commented:

“Washington faces gridlock on virtually every issue important to the American people, but when it comes to burying our nation in mountains of debt, the establishments of both parties are in near universal agreement to always spend more. Watching the Senate waive budget points of order in order to bankrupt our nation is sickening.

“Voters elect their senators to represent their best interests. I would ask all of those members who voted for these atrocities: Did you read the bills? Do you know all that is in these 2,313 pages and what taxpayers’ $1.4 trillion will be spent on? If not, how can you expect your constituents to trust your judgement?”


We are way past the fiscal event horizon of ever having a balanced budget again. Democrats social welfare programs accept for nearly half of the annual costs and are growing exponentially every year. We have to borrow over 1/3 of our annual budget, 40 cents of EVERY dollar we spend, from foreign governments, just to pay our obligations and keep the country going. Those costs are only going to grow as the welfare/illegal alien classes reproduce at 2-10 times the rate of the working/tax paying class.