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House GOP: "No Budget, No Debt Hike"

Update on the Debt Ceiling fight:

House Republicans appear to be listening to the grassroots. Today GOP leaders announced they will not pass any bill to extend the national debt ceiling until the Senate does its job and passes a budget.

This is what we've been urging. It's a return to "regular order," which is the first baby step needed to help Uncle Sam overcome his terrible overspending habit.

(Note: House leaders say they will pass one, 90-day "clean" debt hike, to give the House and Senate time to pass their respective budget resolutions and negotiate a compromise. This is a mistake. Congress should never again pass a "clean" debt hike. Instead, in my view, the next debt increase should take effect only upon passage of a balanced budget plan by the Senate.)

TAKE ACTION. Get involved! Help us keep up the pressure on Sen. Harry Reid and Senate Democrats to do their jobs and pass a budget.

Tell them: DC Do Your Job!



Debt Ceiling: Resources for Activists and Journalists

Jeff Strode

Here is a WhiteHouse-gov petition to freeze the debt ceiling: Please encourage everyone to sign that petition too as it will send a message to Congress.