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Sequester Hits Head Start: Children Used as Political Pawns

In March of this year, Obama’s sequester (yes, it is absolutely Obama’s) and the approved cuts that went along with it began to kick in, trimming from different parts of the budget in an attempt to balance out this government’s out of control spending. As kids head back to school though and parents make decisions on their children's educational choices, Obama decides the timing is perfect to use those children to once again push for more spending.

Our government seems to have the money to afford a lot of strange things. Parties at the White House (which is closed to tours, you may recall, due to sequestration), lavish vacation after lavish vacation and, heck, even Bo the dog gets the expensive celebrity treatment on the taxpayer dime. When it comes to American children, though, they just can’t seem to find the funding.

Obama tweeted about it today very matter-of-factly, linking to a piece on the Huffington Post.

Of course, there is no mention of the sequester being his idea, nor is there any recongnition of the fact that the Head Start program itself is a tragic waste of money, just low income children used as pawns for political gain.

According to the Administration of Children and Families, “Head Start is a federal program that promotes the school readiness of children ages birth to 5 from low-income families by enhancing their cognitive, social and emotional development.” However, the Obama administration announced Monday that 57,000 children will be cut from the program due to sequestration. Of the children who still have a spot in Head Start, there will be 1.3 million fewer days of service nationwide.

I will post a follow up that highlights the failures of Head Start and education options that would serve America's low income children better in the near future.  But for now, just reflect on his priorities. Astonishing, truly astonishing. 

Lion X

Headstart doesn't give kids a headstart at all. Fingerpainting and other activities, that are, that is a waste of money. Headstart was designed to give a break to parents, but is that the Federal government's role. I bet churches could do this. I bet communities could organize themselves to take over this program. How many moms or heck even stay at home dads could help take care of some kids if some one needs help in a pinch. I have seen first hand that sequestration hasn't affected much, which ask the question (amongst others): What were these federal employee's doing with that time prior to be sequestered.....Not a heck of a lot.