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Tea Party activists set stage for 2010


This past weekend, over 60 Tea Party activists from across the country gathered for the Liberty Leadership Summit, a two day conference at FreedomWorks. Today, reporters from the New York Times, The Atlantic, Daily Caller, Washington Independent, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, the Associated Press, the BBC, Politco, AJC, US News and World Report, Fox News, National Journal, and Newsweek among others interviewed these Tea Partiers and FreedomWorks staff.

During the weekend conferences, activists spoke about their motives, the progresses that they have made in their home states, and their upcoming agendas. These Tea Party activists all emphasized the importance of continuing to take America back from the overbearing grip of a far left agenda.  This grassroots movement pushes for lower taxes, lower government spending levels, and more individual freedoms. The activists expressed their hopes of bringing constitutional principles back into American government. 

Scott Boston, an activist from Ohio, claims that the Tea Partiers’ message is simple:

This is a liberty movement.

This isn't an exclusive movement, but a movement for everyone. This is a movement that transcends partisanship. Fiscal responsibility and constitutional government, Tea Partiers say, are two core elements of their movement that affect all taxpayers regardless of party affiliation. These elements are the key to reforming the federal government. After all, as Senator elect Scott Brown recently emphasized during his campaigns: it’s the people's seat. Many American politicians have lost sight of this essential truth which is emphasized in the Tenth Amendment of the US Constitution.

Tea Party activists communicated their agenda with a high level of enthusiasm. It is their great hope that their efforts will ultimately derail the socialist agenda of the left. 

As devout fiscal conservatives, Tea Party activists want to convince their fellow Americans that the principles that they preach are not only what this country needs, but also what this country is supposed to represent.