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Press Release

Tea Party Debt Commission Headed to Indianapolis

Over and over Congress has shown itself unwilling to cut spending, reduce the deficit or tackle our $14.8 trillion national debt.

That's why FreedomWorks formed the Tea Party Debt Commission, which has held field hearings from Florida to Utah to Pennsylvania. Now we're coming to Indiana, and we're excited to hear your ideas for a plan that, at a minimum, will cut $9 trillion in spending over the next 10 years and balance the federal budget.

On Friday, October 21st, from 6:30-9 pm, the Debt Commission will hold an official field hearing in Indianapolis to talk with concerned Hoosiers about how to pay down the federal debt and restore fiscal discipline.

The Tea Party Debt Commission can positively affect budget policy, but it is vital that Congress hears directly from over-taxed citizens. That's why I hope you'll attend the Tea Party Debt Commission field hearing at the Radisson Hotel in Indianapolis on October 21st.

I look forward to seeing you there in just a few short days. If you plan to attend, please RSVP on FreedomConnector:

Want to see the Debt Commission in action? Take a moment and watch the clip below of our recent hearing in Philadelphia.

If you have any questions about this event or the Tea Party Debt Commission, please email Kristina Ribali at


Day: Friday, October 21st
Time: 6:30-9 PM
Location: Radisson Hotel 2500 S High School Rd. Indianapolis, IN 46241