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VA House Speaker Co-Sponsors 'Tenther' Health Care Bill


Big news from Richmond just a few short days before the 10th Amendment rally on January 18th. As reported by the Richmond Tea Party via Tertium Quids:

Speaker Howell has asked to be a co-sponsor of the Health Care Reform Bill [HB10], one of two 10th Amendment bills we have before the General Assembly...

Get your State Senator on board! The comparable bill in the State Senate is SB 417 being sponsored by Senator Jill Vogel. Find out if your state senator is supporting the bill and give them a call or send an email.

This is important for two reasons. One, it increases the likelihood that HB10 will emerge intact from committee, which is the legislation's first major hurdle, and hopefully go on to final passage in the House. (HB10 will effectively nullify any individual insurance mandate imposed by the federal government)

And two, it indicates that already amongst the most powerful members of Virginia's political class, there is a recognition that voters want leaders who will protect their constitutional liberties, not followers who will carry water for Washington.