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Press Release

Vote YES on Issues 2 & 3 in November

FreedomWorks and our tea party allies in Ohio are teaming up to support Governor Kasich's union reform agenda and stop ObamaCare in its tracks this November by urging our members to vote YES on Ballot Issues 2 & 3.

When SB 5 was passed last spring, it helped balance Ohio's budget by giving local governments desperately-needed flexibility to renegotiate certain aspects of public sector union contracts. It also introduced a system of merit pay for public employees, while asking them to contribute a small percentage of their income to their own benefit and pension plans.

Voting YES on Issue 2 will keep these reforms in place, which, along with Issue 3, Ohio's version of the Health Care Freedom Act, are vital to improving the business climate in Ohio and bringing private sector jobs back to the state.

To show that we stand with Ohioans, FreedomWorks and our allies are launching a grassroots campaign to educate voters on the importance of Issues 2 & 3.

Please take a moment to visit our new website and sign the petition there indicating your support for Issues 2 & 3.

FreedomWorks has also created yard signs and door hangers that we're getting out to activists all over the state. Go HERE to download and print your own.

To request more yard signs or door hangers, please send a message to: or call 202-942-7607. Include your name, phone number, address and the number needed of each.

The unions are spending millions of dollars to regain their stranglehold on Ohio taxpayers. Thank you for standing with us against this onslaught. Together we'll beat them back and send a message all the way from Ohio to the White House.