FOX News Analyst Praises FreedomWorks For Outstanding Grassroots Work in Wisconsin

FOX News analyst and CBN News Chief Political Correspondent David Brody told the FOX News Sunday panel today the Wisconsin recall vote this week will be a clear defeat for unions. Brody praised the Tea Party, FreedomWorks, AFP and others for their outstanding work in the state.

FreedomWorks gets a much deserved shout out!


David Brody discusses the Wisconsin recall election on FOX News Sunday:

“It’s a huge defeat for unions clearly. I think what you’re seeing here is what Scott Walker, Paul Ryan and others, you’re seeing this word courage come up a lot. That they had the courage to take on the tough problems… I got to tell you, I think the unreported story here is what’s going on on the ground in Wisconsin as it relates to the Tea Party. You have a conglomerate of Tea Party groups there: Tea Party Express, Tea Party Patriots, Americans for Prosperity, FreedomWorks, you could go on and on. You put all of those folks together. This is going to be the number one crowning jewel of the Tea Party movement between 2010 and 2012. Murdoch over Lugar? Yes, huge and there will be others. But what’s been going on there, they’ve been on the ground for a year there, Chris, all of these groups. It shows you the real power of the Tea Party, what they can do in terms of taking on unions.”

Take a bow, FreedomWorks!