Government Shutdown: Hold the Line, the Media Wasn’t Going to Like Us Anyway

As we spent the last few weeks chugging inexorably toward the Great Shutdown Showdown of ’13, we were constantly warned by our betters in the GOP to avoid it at all costs because “ZOMG THE PRESS WILL SAY BAD STUFF AND…STUFF!” 

Those of is operating in a more reality-based corner of the planet asked ourselves, “When do they ever say anything good about us?” 

Ad then the crickets became rather deafening. 

One only has to look back to the last couple of debt ceiling “negotiations” to see that capitulation by the Republicans yielded absolutely zero favorable press.  So, now that we’ve reached this all-too-predictable impasse, how is it going for us economic hostage takers? 

The Leftmedia is positively flailing, so it would seem that they are aware that their before the fact blame work isn’t quite sticking as well as they hoped. 

They were desperately hoping that they could portray the Republicans as anti-veteran by deploying park rangers to keep veterans from memorials that are usually open 24/7 and funded by private as well as public money.  Park rangers employed by the parks that didn’t have enough money to remain open, according to them. That was well thought out. 

They brought the conversation there, and now they’re upset that it’s happening. (Too rich: note how the same Ted Cruz they spent last week painting as an insignificant fringe freak is now “making John Boehner dance like a marionette“.) 

Absent a thesaurus to help her find a new way to say “hostage”, the translucent Joan Walsh threw down a race card

And in the almost hourly leftist reassessment of the Tea Party movement, it has once again gone from being dead to omnipotent (complete with the requisite no-name Republican who needed some attention and knew bashing other Republicans was the easiest way to get someone to say he was pretty). 

Thanks to social media, the tightly-wound false Leftmedia narratives of the past unravel a bit easier now. It’s not a perfect world and we definitely haven’t overcome the MSM influence with the low interest voter, but we’re miles from where we were just four or five years ago. 

Now we just have to wind the Democrats up and let them talk.   

I don’t think Reid was saying he didn’t care about kids with cancer, but he definitely was not responding to Schumer, as the media was saying while defending him. The point is that, on his best days, Reid is a bumbling idiot. 

So let him bumble. They have a harder time hiding that now. 

Lastly, there’s nothing President Lightbringer likes better as a response to anything than a speech. And he isn’t very good at those. Here’s a gem from today: 

Yeah…he pretty much just told a bunch of union people that they should be fired if they ever go on strike. 

These narrative battles are most definitely not the done deal losses for us that they used to be. President Obama spent weeks on the road trying to gin up fear over sequestration and when it finally happened the Democrats tried to make the Republicans seem like the Grinches who stole Christmas. 

And it didn’t work. 

The Beltway establishment in both parties remain, for the most part, blissfully unaware of the fact that we are in the second decade of the 21st Century. They are still wandering around somewhere in 1996 and their world views are shaped by that.

The next time the less vertebrate among the GOP tell us that we shouldn’t do something because it won’t play out well in the press, tell them to get back to enjoying the third season of Friends

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