President Obama’s 2011 Fiscal Year Budget

The Office of Management and Budget has released President Obama’s Budget for the 2011 fiscal year. Below is a link for the 2011 FY budget in PDF format.

The following links include information regaring the 2011 Fiscal Year Budget. Each link corresponds to the title above it.

US Federal Budget Factsheet: Fiscal Year 2011

Five Years, $5.08 Trillion in Debt

Deficit Lip Service

OMB Fact Sheets on Key Issues

Republican Caucus on the 2011 Budget…

Graphs that illustrate past and future debt…

Outlining the priorities of the 2011 Budget…

The Terminations, Reductions, and Savings component of the 2011 Budget

 Obama Can Blame Bush All He Wants, But His Budget is Even Worse