California CSE Conducts Medicare and Prescription Drug Workshops in Key Congressional Districts

California – As election day nears, CA CSE has been diligently working to educate grassroots activists on key policy debates that will effect both the presidential and congressional elections. This past week, California Citizens for a Sound Economy (CA CSE) hosted three Medicare and prescription drug workshops in key congressional districts. CA CSE conducted its Medicare workshops in Representatives Rogan, Kuykendall, and Bilbray’s districts. CA CSE members and activists from each district were invited.

CA CSE Director Mike Vallante conducts the Medicare and prescription drug workshop in Brian Bilbray’s district

Grassroots Education – Attendees of the Medicare workshops were educated on the different Medicare and prescription drug plans proposed by presidential candidates Gov. George W. Bush and Vice President Al Gore. CA CSE conducted and distributed its Medicare and prescription drug presentation that compares the two competing plans and lays out a solid foundation for real Medicare reform, including more choice and competition. Also, attendees were given CSE’s Medicare farecard, educational booklet and calls to action. Attendees were not only educated on the finer points of this policy debate, but they were given advice on how they could make an impact in this election. CA CSE gave a call to action asking all attendees to get the vote out and educate their family and friends on the Medicare and prescription drugs debate.

CSE Medicare workshop attendee Joe Moma

Call to Action – Attendees at all events were given Medicare and prescription drug packets that included ample sample letters to the editor, letters to congressional representatives, sample op-eds, local media contact information and Medicare and prescription drug comparison charts and farecards that can be distributed to family and friends.

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