California CSE Delivers Medicare Message in the Field

Pasadena, Calif.—What do 3,320 miles, 1,757 households and numerous questions to candidates have in common? California Citizens for a Sound Economy! CA CSE hit the road nine days before the Nov. 7th election spreading the CSE Medicare message throughout Southern California. In all, CA CSE hit 16 events, distributed hundreds of CSE Medicare literature and yard signs, and spoke with hundreds of voters about the Bush and Gore Medicare plans.

A CSE activist with Rep. Brian Bilbray (R-CA)

Burbank, Calif.—Early in the week, CSE arrived at a rally for Gov. George W. Bush. Thousands of Bush supporters were on the scene; one Bush activist who received CSE’s Medicare farecard said, “Oh! This is wonderful! I’ve never seen anything like this! We need more of these!”

Hermosa Beach, Calif.—CSE pounded the pavement in a true grassroots effort to educate voters. CSE knocked on hundreds of doors in the 36th Congressional District, distributing the Bush/Gore Medicare plan comparison.

San Diego, Calif.—CSE activists attended a town hall debate with Rep. Brian Bilbray and challenger Susan Davis. Medicare and prescriptions drugs were on the minds of voters that night: almost half the questions asked were about Medicare and prescription drug choice. When a CSE staffer asked about his plan for giving seniors choice in medical coverage, Congressman Bilbray said, “I want a program that gives seniors a choice so they aren’t forced into a plan. Seniors are experts in their healthcare and should be given the choice.”

CA CSE distributes our message on Medicare
outside a seniors’ community in Glendale, CA

CSE hit the San Diego area again the next night at another Bilbray/Davis debate. CSE super activist Lori Jordan asked the candidates about whether they supported a one-size-fits-all plan to cover seniors.

Glendale, Calif.—But CSE wasn’t always met with smiling faces. At an Adam Schiff/Gov. Gray Davis press conference in Glendale, CSE spoke with seniors and the media about the Medicare prescription drug plans. One senior receiving the CSE Medicare comparison card said, “Oh, need that! Give me a couple more for my friends.” But Schiff’s staff was not happy to see CSE. They did all they could to prevent CSE from distributing the information and to hide their candidate and Gov. Davis from CSE.

Del Mar, Calif.—We couldn’t let the Vice Presidential candidate come to California the day before the election without seeing a lot of CSE activists as well. About 2,000 participants attended the rally at which activists in CSE t-shirts handed out tons of Medicare literature.

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