CSE On the Road: Letting Americans Know Al Gore’s Empty Promises Aren’t the Prescription Our Seniors Need

CSE and our state chapters have been diligently covering Michigan and Florida – key battle ground states in this year’s election – in order to let policymakers, candidates and voters know the facts about the debate over Medicare and prescription drug coverage for the elderly.

Gov.George W. Bush autographs CSE’s “Empty Promises”
Medicare t-shirt for an activist in Saginaw, Michigan.

With our activists, t-shirts, literature, and lawn signs, CSE has been effectively raising the profile of the negative effects of a big government solution to the Medicare and prescription drug debate. These photographs demonstrate our success at getting the message out.

Rep. Clay Shaw (R-FL), receives CSE’s “Gore’s Medicare Plan: Rx for Disaster”
lawn sign at a rally in Palm Beach.

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