CSE’s On-the-Ground Efforts Make the Difference in Florida

In the wake of the 2000 elections, one thing is abundantly clear: it was the on-the-ground campaign work on the margins that made the difference. This is where CSE focuses its time and resources in Florida—touching more voters than made up the difference between winning and losing. The candidates know CSE’s strength and they heed our message. Throughout the state and in the tight districts, CSE was there to tilt the balance, and we did.

CSE Activists at Bush rally in Palm Beach waving signs and distributing information.

Staff from CSE’s DC office joined the staff already on the ground in Florida, along with dozens of volunteer activists. Among their accomplishments:

· Deployed 6,500 Medicare yard signs in the final days of the election

· Visited 3,000 homes and, with personal conversations on the Medicare issue or literature, educated voters

· Greeted voters and distributed educational literature at dozens of voting poles, from Palm Beach to Manatee to Orlando.

Jeb Bush signs CSE’s Medicare Yard Sign.

As the candidates barnstormed across the state, CSE was present to greet them and educate those voters that attended the rallies. Voters were pleased to receive information that clearly contrasted the position of the candidates on the leading issues. All of our activities were intended to increase voter turn-out, knowing that a visible presence combined with a smiling face would help to convince voters that voting is more than a civic duty, it’s a means to make good policy good politics.

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